Competition Terms & Conditions

1. All entrants to any Lincs FM Group contest both imply and agree to participate in the contests and obey the rules by their participation in the contest. The Lincs FM Group comprises Compass FM, Dearne FM, Lincs FM 102.2, Ridings FM, Rother FM, Rutland Radio, and Trax FM.

2. The Lincs FM Group has the right to refuse the entry to any competition, if the person/entrant has already won a competition on any Lincs FM Group station within the previous three months. This includes any member of such person’s family residing at the same address (including, but not limited to, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents etc. or other persons living at the same address). Lincs FM Group reserves the right to withhold prizes from any such person, and to reclaim any such prize if a breach of this rule is subsequently discovered.

3. All prizes must be accepted as awarded. Prizes are non-exchangeable and non-transferable, and are not redeemable for other prizes. The Lincs FM Group cannot accept responsibility for the loss of a prize once it has been received by the prize winner and all prizes must be claimed within 28 days of notification.

4. Employees of the Lincs FM Group, its affiliated companies, their advertising agencies and immediate families are not eligible to enter or win.

4.1 Please ensure you follow the exact on-air or online Competition entry instructions.  We cannot guarantee entry for incorrect entries.

4.2 For each on-air Competition all timings including the closing time are as broadcast on the Station’s FM broadcast frequency.  If you are listening via a smartphone, tablet or computer, please remember that the stream can be slightly behind the FM broadcast due to differences in network speeds.  If a Competition requires you to enter by a deadline dependent on an item being broadcast (eg: end of a song) the deadline will be as on the FM broadcast.

5.1 The Lincs FM Group reserves the right to exclude people who have no connection with an individual stations’ normal transmission area, at the time of entering the competition. To ensure a valid entry into a Competition you must enter as an individual using your legal name and make only one entry per competition, unless the specific rules allow you to make multiple entries.

5.2    Candidates in any national or local Election will be ineligible, during the period of such Election, to enter any Competition until after the conclusion of such Election. 

6. No prize may be used in any way that would have, or could have been expected to have an adverse or negative effect on the Lincs FM Group and its stations.

7. Winners will permit the Lincs FM Group and the sponsors of particular competitions to use their name, voice and/or likeness without prior notice or compensation, for promotional purposes in connection with the contest in broadcast, electronic and print forms.

8. Winners are responsible for all costs associated with travel to any venue or event for which a prize was awarded, unless otherwise specified.

9. Winners shall solely be responsible for all applicable taxes or additional charges on any prize awarded.

10. Winners agree to indemnify and hold forever harmless the Lincs FM Group, promotion agencies, their agents, officers, employees, affiliates and assigns for any injuries, accidents, misfortunes, or causes of action arising from or in connection with participation in any contest and/or acceptance of the prize.

11. Any ties, disputes, conflicts, questions or concerns regarding the Lincs FM Group contests and/or their associated prizes will be handled by the Lincs FM Group, whose decisions are final and indisputable.

12. Winners agree to indemnify and to hold the Lincs FM Group, its affiliated and parent companies harmless in the event of any injuries or other maladies with regards participation in any contest staged or sponsored by the Lincs FM Group. Entrants have entered the contest at their own risk, and agree to hold nobody responsible for any injuries or misfortune with regards to participation in any Lincs FM Group contest.

13. If a concert or other ticketed event has been awarded as a prize and the concert or event is postponed, rained out, cancelled or for other reasons beyond the Lincs FM Group’s control does not occur, the Lincs FM Group will not be responsible for replacing the prize.

14. The Lincs FM Group may impose an age limit on entering specific competitions, which will be announced on air and posted on our website.

15. The Lincs FM Group may require proof of winner’s age before prizes can be sent to winners. Receipt of prizes may be delayed until such proof is received by the Lincs FM Group and failure to do so will negate any claim. Prizes will be mailed / available for pickup 6-8 weeks after they have been awarded, unless otherwise noted. Concert tickets are usually not available until 2 weeks prior to the concert date.  The Lincs FM Group cannot be held responsible for delays in postal delivery methods or strike action by such organisations.

16. Names of winners are available from the Lincs FM Group upon request.

17. If the winner(s) of the prize cannot be traced after reasonable efforts having been made by the Lincs FM Group then the Lincs FM Group may dispose of the prize as it thinks fit without any liability to the winner(s) for having done so.

18. Where competition entry is via phone or premium rate phone or text entrants must be the person who pays the bill or have the permission of the bill payer before entering. The cost of entering competition will be announced on air and displayed on the station website.

19. The Lincs FM Group is not responsible for any disconnection of a participant’s telephone call or sending of text messages due to local or long distance phone company’s failure, power company failure, or other act of god.

20. The Lincs FM Group reserves the absolute right to disqualify any entrant to any competition which it considers has used improper means to enter.

21.1 We shall be entitled, in our reasonable discretion, to cancel, delay and/or recommence a Competition with immediate effect by on-air or online announcement without any liability to you.   If we cancel a Competition after you have claimed a Prize, we will use our reasonable endeavours to offer you an alternative prize.   If we offer an alternative Prize but you do not accept it, you will have no claim against us.

21.2 We may cancel a competition if we believe we have good reason to do so, if a broadcasting, publishing, production, distribution or printing error of any kind occurs.   Also if there have been any errors in the preparation for, or the conduct of, the Competition materially affecting the result, the number of Prize claims or the value of the Prize claims.

22. Past employees of the Lincs FM Group cannot participate in competitions up to 2 years following their departure from the company. 

23. The Lincs FM Group retains the right to amend these rules and regulations at any time for any reason.

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